The Story

In A Girl from Haiti, Salome, an outspoken 17-year old-Haitian girl, awaits the day she can join her dad in Miami, but she has to make that trip sooner than expected when a massive earthquake turns her life and country upside down in an instant.  Now in order to escape what has become a tragic paradise, she’ll have to journey from safety to adulthood with the only people she has left — a murderer and a thief. This is not your average coming of age story.


The Grand Prize Winner

Diverse Voices Spring 2018 Competition

And a few excerpts from the judges on the Grand Prize Winner:

“The writing is beautiful and takes us to a new world in a completely immersive way. The script is a page turner that delivers with massive emotional punches.”

“This is a highly original and absolutely captivating screenplay that offers a strongly defined central protagonist.”


Cast Ideas